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TRUST Terms of Use
This website is powered by TRUST International Hotel Reservation Services GmbH (“TRUST”) who has developed and owns all rights to the hotel reservation system which enables you to affect your hotel reservation on this website.

1. Platform for hotel offerings
This website is a platform for a large variety of national and international hotels and hotel chains which use this website to offer their accommodation services to you and enable you to verify whether their offerings and availabilities meet your preferences and your individual travel schedule. By running this website, TRUST acts as a service provider for the hotels. Due to TRUST’s services, the hotels are able to offer the teleservice of making online reservations to hotel customers.

The service that TRUST offers to hotel customers is limited to granting access to the hotels’ offerings. As a result, TRUST’s service towards hotel customers ends at the personal reservation process, comprising the reservation steps: “provide guest information”, “review and book” and “receive confirmation” (“reservation process”).

2. Agreement between you and the hotel
Having chosen the hotel you want to book (such hotel and the related hotel chain, if any, hereinafter the “hotel”), you will enter into a direct accommodation agreement with the hotel by submitting your personal details and completing the reservation process.

The accommodation agreement between you and the Hotel will be governed by the terms and conditions (including the cancellation policy) of the hotel.

Neither your use of this website or the TRUST hotel reservation system nor the completion or any step of the Reservation Process will result in any contractual relationship between you and TRUST.

3. Cancellations and changes
The modalities of canceling or changing your reservation at a hotel will be subject to the cancellation policy of the hotel.

4. Price information on this website
Unless indicated otherwise, the accommodation prices that hotels indicate on this website are per room and per night prices. Breakfast is only included where this is expressly indicated in the rate description.

5. Third party information & hyperlinks to this website
This website contains third party information which TRUST does not verify or control and for the accuracy of which TRUST is not responsible.

In particular, TRUST does not verify or control the hotel information (including, without limitation, availabilities or room details) that hotels submit to this website and the accuracy of which falls within the sole responsibility of the hotels.

Unless installed on websites that include criminal, pornographic, erotic, racist or otherwise offensive content, TRUST welcomes hyperlinks to this website on other websites, provided that TRUST is notified.

6. Privacy
Please refer to the TRUST Privacy Policy.

7. Liabilities
For the avoidance of doubt, there will be no contractual agreement between you and TRUST as TRUST will process your personal data as the data processor of the hotel and does not control or verify the hotel information that hotels submit to this website (including, without limitation, the availability of rooms). TRUST shall not be liable for:

(i) the accuracy of any hotel information shown on this website, including, without limitation, the availability of rooms

(ii) any failure or delay in the transmission of any data submitted to this website, including but not limited to the details of your reservation, changes to or a cancellation of your reservation.

8. Governing law
These terms of use shall be governed by the laws of Germany.


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